Small Groups Are Moving to Self-funded Health Plans

  Small Groups Are Moving from Fully Insured to Self-funded Health Plans Not long ago only large employers opted for self-funded health plans. The conventional wisdom was that only big companies were able to assume the risks and withstand the volatility of paying for their employees health claims out-of- pocket. The emergence of stop loss […]

ASOs vs. TPAs

Self-funded health insurance plans are a great option for employers looking to cut costs and design coverage options that are more customized to meet their benefits requirements. But most employers who opt for self-funding don’t have the administrative capacity to process their own claims in-house. That’s why self-insured employers often utilize Administrative Service Only plans, […]

Hospital Pricing to Become Transparent

New Rule About Hospital Pricing Will Come Into Effect January 1, 2019   As of January 2019, a major change is coming to healthcare payment. Starting on the first of the year, all hospitals and healthcare centers will be required to post prices for all surgeries and other medical procedures. The move is part of […]

Is Stop Loss the solution for your Association Health Plan?

Association Health Plans   The U.S. Department of Labor recently implemented a new Final Rule expanding potential participation in Association Health Plans (AHPs). Essentially, the rule expands the definition of an employer. As a result, we are likely looking at a significant expansion of self-funded AHPs in the near future. Here’s what insurance brokers need […]

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