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How strategic use of benefits accounts can ease financial stress

If you knew what cost a business a fourth of their weekly productivity, wouldn’t you want to fix that? That is what happens when employees endure financial stress. But with strategic benefits planning, you and your clients can give their employees the support they need to eliminate that worry – driving productivity and employee retention.

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Study: Young people buying insurance worry about wrong risk

What is the most important factor for young people buying insurance? The answer may surprise you. A recent survey found that young buyers are worrying about the wrong risk. With benefits planning, you and your clients will help them consider the right factors.

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Survey: Annual 2022 health premiums steady, but may be ‘calm before the storm’

The average premium for family coverage has risen over the years, but recent inflation will further increase it.

Employers contribute greatly to this cost and won’t be able to easily shift it to employees in a tight labor market.

According to KFF’s annual Employer Health Benefits Survey, workers at small firms pay higher deductibles, and there’s an increase in employees using mental health services.

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Which benefits trends will affect employees most in 2023?

Which benefits trends will solve the challenges that the pandemic caused employers?

Many employees are recovering from financial strain, facing the hardship of becoming caregivers, and growing more concerned about their mental health.

As a result, the industry is shifting towards a customized approach to meet employees’ needs.

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Workers favor health and wellbeing services when choosing an employer

The secret to every successful company is the ability to run a profitable business while attracting and retaining talented employees.

But how does one successfully do this? According to Mental Health Index, benefits and flexibility are the largest contributors to engaging and maintaining top professionals.

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Employers surveyed plan to enhance benefits in 2023 to attract, retain talent

With the start of the new year, many employers are looking for ways to enhance their health and benefits offerings.

According to Mercer’s Survey on Health and Benefits Strategies, employers are reworking benefits programs to attract and retain talented employees.

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